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Things to know

Getting Started

Communication is everything, and especially when going over your tattoo ideas. Consultations are where it all starts.

Here, you'll establish a relationship with your artist. This is where you and your artist preferably decide your ideas are a good fit for the artist's skill set, as well that you are comfortable expressing your vision and providing any reference material, like photographs, objects or screenshots of images you really like. 

Please be aware, the artist reserves the right to refuse any idea on any grounds they choose.


  • A fee of $150.00 is required to book.

  • They are NON-REFUNDABLE!!

  • Deposits are strictly to hold chair time.

  • They are not for drawings or draw time.

  • Deposits do not expire, they will be held indefinitely, like gift cards.

  • Deposits are used on the final appointment of the current project.

  • They cannot be transferred to another client.

  • A deposit loss my occur at artist's discretion in the event of cancellation, or appointment change.

I want a tattoo but I’m on a limited budget. How do you determine pricing?

The current rates of the shop rate can vary depending on each artist. However, generally, the shop bills $165.00+tax per hour. Payment options are Cash or EMT please. no Debit or Credit currently. Each tattoo is custom hand drawn from scratch - so determining cost for sleeves and larger pieces can vary, from complexity to how long a client is able to sit. A Bulk Rate is available for larger pieces and longer sits. Inquire for details.

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