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Aftercare Instructions

Keeping good Aftercare of your new tattoo is relatively simple, but integral to giving your tattoo the best chance to come out clean and bright and looking Stellar. However, aftercare instructions can vary from each tattoo shop, and even from client to client, but these will be some baselines guidelines on how Saint and Stellar Tattoo instructs all clients to take care of your new tattoo.

  • After completing the tattoo, your tattooist will apply a thin coat of Vaseline to the tattooed area. This is to prevent any lymphatic fluid or "weeping" from settling on the surface of the wound while it remains bandaged.

  • The Vaseline will allow you to clean the tattoo more easily, and more thoroughly after removing the bandage.

  • Keep your bandage on for a minimum of 4 hours. However, your bandage can stay on up to a maximum of 12 hours if needed. Much more than 12 hours, the bandage would no longer be doing the job of preventing infection and needs to be removed and cleaned immediately.

  • Remove the bandage, and clean the tattoo immediately and thoroughly with warm water!  Be GENTLE, but thorough. Remember, Vaseline deflects water. Use warm water. 

  • The type of soap, surprisingly, does NOT matter. Use whatever soap you have on hand, even shampoo is fine. Use lots of soap, and get all the Vaseline off. Remember! Vaseline deflects water. Rinse Thoroughly!

  • Get all the soap and Vaseline off! PAD DRY with a clean towel.

  • Keep tattoo dry and clean. Two words you can always rely on and remember to keep your tattoo healing properly. DRY and CLEAN, You can never clean your tattoo too many times. When in doubt - clean your tattoo with soap. Rinse thoroughly.

  • Repeat cleaning process until fully healed.

  • Applying lotions can be ok - however, moisture breads bacteria, and the use of lotion should be use very sparingly - like over the ditch, or in "bendy" areas. Avoid using lotion if possible. If lotion is needed - use a bare-bones lotion with no additives or scents. Standard Lubriderm lotions for example are ok. Use only what's needed. Very little. OVER MOISTENING IS BAD! Side note: It's important to remember that your body is excellent at healing itself - and requires no special creams or ointments or expensive healing gels to get the job done :) Clean and Dry is the key.

  • Itchiness is good news, however irritating. It means healing skin. DO NOT ITCH! You just have to bite your lip. Your skin is itchy because it's repairing itself - not just because it is dry. Applying lotion will only help the itching very temporarily, and only risk infection instead. Again, use lotions very sparingly.

  • The tattoo over the next few days/weeks should begin to lessen in discomfort or pain and move through a "pealing" process, much like a sunburn. It may do this multiple times. This is excellent to see.

  • There may be, however, some areas that actually will go through a full scabbing process. Nothing to be alarmed about, this is okay, and normal, however, it usually indicates a bit more trauma to the spot, and is generally a normal part of healing as well.  These areas are usually in "bendy" spots or where the skin is particularly thicker or does a lot of movement. Allow these spots more time to heal - and do NOT pick at it! You could pull ink out. Call your tattooer to book any touch ups that might be required. Refer to FAQ for Touch up questions. 

  • Remember that the sun is very hard on your tattoo. Always. Specifically, the UV light in the sun. Always sunscreen your tattoo. DO NOT put sunscreen on a tattoo that has not fully healed. DO NOT tan or enter any dirty or chlorinated water while your tattoo is still healing.  

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